Dreamtime Reflections, Francesca AlbiniJacket shows a slightly blurred full colour photo of a building probably reflected in a  window, as well as the back of a car, its windows and one read light. The title of the pamphlet is in white capes in the top third, with the author's name in caps but smaller below it. Both are left justified and not particularly easy to read. They are almost like flickers of white light.

Sampson Low Ltd, 2015   £2.00 + £1.20 P&P

Reflecting on reflections 

This is just a little book, A6 landscaped, and every page is wall-to-wall full-colour photographs of images reflected on glass, through glass, on top of other reflections, shafts of light and colour. It makes you think. It makes you reflect.

It reminded me of that line from Susanne Vega in ‘Tom’s Diner’: ‘No she does not really see me, but she sees her own reflection’.

This slender publication had me reflecting on myself reflecting on the reflections, the mixture of word and picture. So many layers, so few words, but every one necessary. I liked the pictures. I liked the mixture of human beings and models in shop windows. And there is even a sort of a story.

Something about it ... still reflecting.

Helena Nelson