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What’s ‘Poetry WTF?!’ all about? (I mean, I could hazard a guess…;-)) Editor Maartens Lourens is quoted ‘Poetry is fantastic, but in recent years it has disappeared up its own arse… ’ Instead, he prescribes collaging work? Have I understood this right? And are you planning more? Is this a series?

In the first year of chapbook production for Sampson Low I took on the roles of editor, publisher and occasional illustrator. I couldn't keep up with demand and so, in the last six months, we’ve installed several editors who are each compiling their own series: 

  • Francesca Albini's (Dreamtime) publications are whimsical and fantastical;
  • Maartens Lourens' (Poetry WTF?!) are edgy, contemporary and conceptual;
  • Lucy Furlong's (Seethingography) and Seething chapbooks have a geographic twist;
  • Kevin Acott's have travel and journeys at their heart;
  • Robert Good is working on a series of chapbooks about collections;
  • And finally (for now!) Debbie Chessell is currently publishing a series on the theme of Confronting Rape Culture.

I pick up the rest because I’m a magpie of an artist, working across many fields, from fine art to graphics, films to illustration and with occasional forays into performance and conceptual art. I think of publishing as an art form in itself and that’s why we support editors with vision like Maartens Lourens wherever he should choose to go next.

Maartens has got some wonderful work on his Poetry WTF?! website – really exciting and inspiring examples of the kind of poetry he likes. Why not take a look? And also check out Submissions here.