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Do you publish much poetry? And only chapbooks, or full collections/ anthologies too? What got you interested?Photo shows eight chapbooks laid flat on a table. It is taken from above and looks down on the head and hands of the editor (looks like Alban Low) proofreading one of the covers.

Our poetry publications are all chapbooks. For Sampson Low, the chapbooks and poetry go hand in hand: it feels like they’re made for one another. Our first two were poetry based and, since then, we’ve produced eight mixed-media and four single-poem ones.

The format’s perfect for much of the pithy written work that I personally like. Our image-led chapbooks also complement short pieces of poetic text, and our authors seem to have enjoyed expressing themselves within these confines.

Villiers Path: Scalloped Time
seems to be your most recent chapbook (at time of writing): ‘Poetry and photography from Lucy Furlong’. What’s this one all about?

Lucy Furlong is a local poet who is active within the creative community of Seething Wells. Her poetry and photography describes local environments – so you can physically walk and explore the place, and its history and culture, in tandem with the work.

Villiers Path: Scalloped Time is about a narrow path in Surbiton and also about the beautiful young Lord Francis Villiers, killed there in battle in 1648.

Sampson Low is based in Hampton Hill on the outskirts of London and we’re only a cycle ride away from the State of Seething’s headquarters in Surbiton. We’ve published a few Seething chapbooks including Pasta Prose – compositions created using Alphabetti Spaghetti – and our legendary Glovewatch, which documented that whole world of single gloves lost over the period of December and January!