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Currently the company’s run by your father George? Is that right? On the website, he’s quoted as talking about launching out ‘with confident creativity into the internet era’. How do you use the internet to help further business?

My father George was the Editor of Education Magazine (published by Longmans) for many years. He worked in Lamb's Conduit Street where, two hundred years before, in that very road, his forebears had established a bookshop and library….

So, when Robert Maxwell died in 1991, he was well placed to rejuvenate the family firm. Sampson Low is now in the hands of myself and my three brothers: Sampson, Joshua and Jacob.

In recent years, I’ve taken the company forward by publishing the work of creative people I’ve encountered in my life as an artist. My father had great vision to see that the internet would play an important role for us – through the connections it allows us with artists all over the world, to the affordable printing we’re able to take advantage of and the shop window it provides for our publications.