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Do you have plans for the long-term? And if so, what are they?S J Fowler paphlet cover. Background colour is gold with small precise, numbered drawings of what appear to be bits of ancient buildings. On top a picture of a pamphlet cover, most of which is a splash of liquid spreading ona a black background. To the right, at righthangles, so running upright, S J FOWLER TRACTOGRAPHY and the Pyramid logo, which is a little triangle that doesn't quite complete its bottom line.

Yes! We want to continue with the core model. In ‘epochs’ (groups of four). They may evolve over time, of course. We’re thinking about just carrying on doing it until we get bored. I like finding poets online, but we're also still getting quality submissions.

We've also been thinking about dual translations (Czech and German initially) and doing e-pamphlets. We want to do launches, and have the first planned for December. We might do some workshops at some point based on the ‘PYRAMID’ principle. That would be so good. I’m moving back to London later this year so if somebody wants to do that with me, or knows of a good place to rent out, then get in touch please. It's owen [at] pyramideditions [dot co dot uk]