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You’re based ‘between France and the UK’. This sounds complicated. How does it work? And where do you keep the publications? I notice your print run for Sophie Essex was only 50 copies, so perhaps you don’t have to store very many. But if you’re travelling, who will post out orders?

It’s not even strictly accurate right now. I move about quite regularly. In France, now, and about to travel to Denmark. To look after rabbits, should you believe it. It works because of the internet. Without the internet we’d be dead in the water. In terms of publications, it depends. We ship some personally, and Sophie actually sold a lot of hers directly because she’s so good at that and can sell them at the readings she does in the UK. Storing 50 copies wasn’t such a problem. We just take it as it goes. No real system, but it works. Some we post from France, some I bother friends to post, some Sophie sells, and so on. Friends are so useful.

I have plans to stock the pamphlets in physical stores, which we did with HARK. I still expect to get the most movement from online and reading sales, though.