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The website has what you describe as ‘an occasional blog’. Lots of publishers start blogs and quickly give them up because they (like the rest of the operation) can quickly start to be demanding and time-consuming and get in the way of the simple pleasure of producing the goods. On the other hand, they certainly increase traffic to the site. So where do you sit on this one?

I’m new to blogging, but intend to make regular, possibly monthly entries about things I’m thinking or learning about. I find the change of role from poet to editor/publisher fascinating and will use the blog to give some of my thoughts shape. I’d be interested in feedback and comments.

The idea of a blog was suggested to me by another poet (who cited HappenStance, as it happens) and I thought what a good idea to try and hold the attention and interest of the world out there. I’m sure I’ll run dry of things to say at some stage, but I hope to encourage guest slots. And there’s plenty of scope to broaden the range of topics.