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You’re an artist as well as a poet. Is the cover design of the publications something that also drew you in? I haven’t got one to hold in my hand yet, but on the web they look most attractive, and The Folded Moment, Crazy Days, By the Light of Day and Moon Garden give the impression of a style, a bright and immediate mini gallery.

Doing my own pamphlet it was natural to think of one of my own images for the cover. When it came to others, there seemed a preference for my images as well, even though I’ve always made it clear I’m open to other suggestions. When they’re all displayed together, they look good, very much a ‘house style’, so I think a precedent is being set.

The exception was Elizabeth Burns’ ‘A Scarlet Thread’ which is a short sequence about the Scottish colourist Anne Redpath. There was no way one of my images was suitable here and there weren’t the funds or the enthusiasm for negotiating permission to reproduce, so I ended up using the computer to generate a minimalist motif. I think it’s the nicest cover I’ve done. Jane Routh’s new pamphlet ‘The White Silence’ is, like Elizabeth’s, slightly shorter than the others and also sells for slightly less, and her cover is plain white with a simple embellishment in the title font. So I seem to have two styles developing, one for the smaller pamphlets and one for the longer ones.