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You say you aim to cover costs, not make money. But didn’t you have to invest some actual cash up front – to do the website, to pay for the printing, buy a set of ISB numbers and so on? Did it cost much? (I ask this question because other people think about setting up similar imprints and often they say they can’t afford it.)

Yes, obviously it has to start with cash up front. ISBNs and printing costs came first. I’m fortunate in having the cash to do this. Also I conceived the press as operating in a such a way that the poet covered the cost of the pamphlets they required while I used the balance of the print run for statutory Deposit Library submissions, publicity, review copies, awards submissions etc and, of course, websales which I hoped would cover the balance of the overall costs to Wayleave. I don’t work on royalties or free copies, but the poet re-sells at the set retail price for their own benefit. So far it seems to have worked well. I’m about to do some sums to see how it all balances out. I suspect it’ll be about even. I’m still very much at the early stages of finding out true costs, and fixing appropriate margins to cover it all.