You’ve published two titles so far. What’s next? Will there be books in the long-term?

There are no plans to publish books at the moment. The plan is to publish a short first pamphlet for each poet that joins us. For some that might be enough, for others they may subsequently want to pursue publication elsewhere, which we encourage. We haven’t ruled out the odd anthology though.

You’ve chosen to print quite short pamphlets – 12-14 poems. That sounds more like an Rack Press publication than, say, a pamphlet from Smith/Doorstop. What was the thinking behind this particular length?

This goes back to the ‘calling card’ idea. Our aim is to help poets in their publishing careers by giving them a leg up. A short first pamphlet can be sold or just as easily given away, as a way of showcasing what the poet can do. Prospective editors can’t be expected to remember your name or work, no matter how many times you’ve been in The Rialto or The North. But if they’re presented with the poems all in one place it’s kind of handy. Plus, a Telltale Poet brings a whole range of promotional skills to the party that can only benefit publishers.