You say you expect ‘a strong online presence’ from poets in the collective. Could you explain more about that?

Our members need to be unfazed by social media, and prepared to be active on the social web as Telltale Poets. If they already blog, or tweet, great, if not, we can help them with that, but they have to put in a bit of effort – as we all do.

What kind of editorial support can you offer to poets publishing pamphlets with you?

Catherine Smith is our Associate Editor and is on hand to help and advise but we don’t get heavily involved in editing. We’re looking for poets with a manuscript pretty much ready to go, one that they’re perhaps submitting to competitions, and usually the poet will have had some mentoring or editorial advice already. When a poet agrees to join us we publish right away – that’s a key aspect of what we’re about.

What about the typesetting and design? Will that function be bought in or do those skills belong to members of the collective?

A bit of both. We have a super designer, Hannah Clare, who did the first two pamphlet covers and has established a Telltale style. Layout and typesetting is done by us. The style may evolve and the jobs may be re-allocated – as new members join us – we’re totally open to that.