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Do you welcome submissions, and if so, in what form?

So far Tapsalteerie hasn’t opened itself up to submissions but I will be doing so at the start of the December. I’m a bit clearer now on the kind of publications I’m looking for and the number of publications I can do year-on-year so I feel like it’s a good time to start.

I’m in the process of totally redesigning the Tapsalteerie website, binning what’s there already and starting again from scratch on a different platform. It’ll be ready at the end of November and there’ll be full submissions guidelines and instructions online then.

So far you look as though your plans are firmly Scottish rooted? Is that so? Or would you publish people from outside Scotland? Do people outside Scotland buy the publications?

Aye the plans so far have been very firmly rooted in Scotland, more through the fact of being based here rather than through any particular decision on my part. People outside Scotland have bought our publications, but only a few and mostly I think through personal connections to the poet. I would really like to expand my market out more to the rest of the UK though. There’s certainly no reason that Tapsalteerie publications would only appeal to a Scottish audience.

I would publish people from outside Scotland too, but I’d have to think very carefully about it. I like to be in fairly close contact with my poets and it would be difficult for me to organise readings and events for them from so far away. If it’s the right poet though, I don’t think that would be an issue.