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Nasty Little Press is an independent publishing imprint originated by Luke Wright and Sally Roe (editor); their illustrator is Sam Ratcliffe. So far, it’s published tasty (not nasty) pamphlets by Martin Figura, Salena Godden, John Osborne, Byron Vincent, Hannah Jane Walker and Luke Wright himself.

Luke, when, how, why did it all start?
Summer 2009. My wife and I had just had a baby and we figured life wasn’t difficult enough. . . . Another publisher was making a meal of producing a pamphlet of mine and announced they were delaying publication for a year. ‘How hard can it be?’ I asked and we set out to find out. We aimed to publish four pamphlets and then see where we went from there.

With the name of ‘Nasty Little’ to live down to, do all your publications have to stay A6?
Nope. In fact, we’ve just published an American format comic-book-style book from Molly Naylor. It’s half illustrated novel, half poetry collection.


There’s a young, performancy feel to the operation, isn’t there? Is that a brand? A house style?
‘Entertaining’ is our key word. Our poets are all excellent readers of their own work. I think you have to be, to survive without a day job.